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The scientists …

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… at large

Thank goodness, or whatever or whoever we should be thanking. Before you say “Thanks but no thanks”, I would like to explain that yesterday I was strongly educated by our resident scientist Richard Harris, who also sold me a motorised golf cart last year. He told me that someone has produced a solar panel that increases the energy efficiency of solar panels from 18% to 40%.

This means that the same area of solar panels can generate more than twice as much electricity as before. Monty Diamond was a bit non-plussed, plusses and minuses not being his strongest points. He did not see the advantage of such a change, as he would keep a solar panel under his bed for extra heat (I did not make this up!). Tom kept on pressing his thumbs on his smart phone, while Pat grinned happily and scientifically tried to guess who would buy the next round.

Oh, I love Thursday evenings!

The magic …

… of Knysna

I confess to being mesmerised by the stunning beauty of Knysna, on arriving there for a recent golf tour, superbly managed by ex-SAMSter John “Boom-Boom” Sierra, who now lives near there. We were lucky with the weather at Pezula on the first day, having circled earlier for an hour and a half waiting for the fog to clear over George airport. After raising my bat for the first of six tries in six games, I was happy to renew times together with “Boom-Boom” and “Curly” Dave Walker, also ex-SAMS.

Thanks are also due to head bean-counter “Disco” Dean Redelinghuys, who doubles up as our Vice-Captain, and Roy “Slammer” or “Royry” Dinsdale, who featured strongly in everything but golf. The other two “turistos” were Chris “Where’s my draw?” Carrington and brave Dave Backeberg, who battled on some of the slopy lies. Local John won by a comfortable margin, followed by “Disco”. We have done it before, and we will do it again. A magic tour!

The "Would-not-be scientist and would-be golfer" Arbiter